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Yoga & Bauch-Beine-Po Instruktorin

Theodora`s yoga classes: unique opportunity for self-practice and therapy
Theodora has been involved since early ages in all kinds of body movement activities, as her mother (osteopath and choreograph) took her to every dance workshop, performance and practice with other dancers.
Movement became a natural part of her life and so she tried every possible style of dance: ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, African, Bollywood, standard and classical dances.
She completed a 3 years Pilates teachers’ training course, including deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, self-body consciousness and mindfulness. She has obtained the international diploma of a certified Spine Yoga Specialist and teacher.
Theodora focuses on core strength, alignment of the spine and ligaments combined with flow yoga elements.
Her classes are physically intense. They require full focus from each participant, concentrating on breathing and inner core muscle strength. We all need to start somewhere, and who knows what you can achieve given time and fine tuning. Therefore, I welcome anyone, at any age and any level. With regular practice, each of the participants can develop his/her own body consciousness and this enables each of us to better know our bodies.


- Donnerstagabend um 20:00 Uhr: Yoga
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Rainstrasse 1
8143 Sellenbüren - Stallikon
Tel: 076 576 74 94

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